The Last Alchemist is in Public Libraries

A Novel

 New Novel- The Last Alchemist

Boston Public Library, San Francisco Library, Amherst County Library, Essex Free Library (Vermont), Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Central Kansas Library System, Nyack Public Library, Chattanooga Public Library are among public libraries where patrons can now borrow this book.

The mystery unfolds as Jake, Tom, Laura, and Ali discover that the kindly old man that Jake has met in the park has a troubling past. They are soon swept up in a dangerous dilemma.



Saturday, July 13. The Barn, 530 Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, N.J.  7:00 P.M.

Mike Baron has joined the staff at Sussex County Music, Route 23 North/Hamburg Turnpike. 

Singer-Songwriters of the 1970s

A Breezy overview of a selection of 1970s musical artists.

Outdoor Concert July 9, 2022

Wyckoff barn 530 sicomac

Outdoor Concert July 10, with Mike Baron on Drums

A New Book-Rock Music Icons

The Rock Music Imagination

Now available in paperback.

The Rock Music Imagination is now available in paperback.

Poetry Publications 

"Letter from Paterson to Mr. Updike," "First Inaugural" (Paterson Poetry Review, Spring 2023).

"I Bring My Winter Lament to William Carlos Williams' Doorstep" (The Red Wheelbarrow, October 2022)

"To Thoreau," (Bluebird Word, September 2022)

"Taps," (Visions International, September 2022)


Bob McParland's story "Voyshakov's Malady" appeared in a November issue of the magazine "Haunted."

Outdoor Concert Planned for July 9 

Bob McParland and Mike Baron will perform an outdoor concert in Wyckoff, N.J. on the grounds of the Faith Reformed Church, 530 Sicomac Avenue beginning at 7:00 P.M.. 

Preparing An Album 

A new recording is being developed in Warwick, New York and in Morris County, New Jersey.

Concert on November 2 - Bob McParland with Mike Baron 

Bob McParland and Mike Baron (drums/percussion) will perform on Saturday, November 2 at Christian Singles/ The Barn at 530 Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey. $5 admission. Doors open at 6:30 P.M.. The music begins after 8:00 P.M..

Concert on October 19 

Bob McParland and Mike Baron will perform at the Coffeehouse at the Linden Reformed Church, 200 North Wood, Linden, New Jersey on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.. 

New Rock Music Books 

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's 50 Year Quest: Music to Change the World and Finding God in the Devil's Music (ed. Alex Di Blasi and Robert McParland) have been published. 

Bestseller Is On the Way! 

Bestseller: A Century of America's Favorite Books is on the way! The new book will be published on December 15. The book lists more than 100 years of bestselling books. It explores the careers of top authors and looks at the role of books in American cultural history. 

Interview on Science Fiction in Classic Rock Music 

Science Fiction in Classic Rock is featured in this month's issue of Digital Arts Live. This lavishly illustrated online magazine includes an interview with Robert McParland, author of Science Fiction in Classic Rock: Musical Explorations of Space, Technology, and the Imagination, 1967-1982. See for a free look at this science fiction art magazine.