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The Healing Magic of Music - Book


Music and Literary Modernism - Book


The Poetics of American Song Lyrics


Teaching in the Pop Culture Zone



A recording with a full band focused upon the themes of love, loss, and transition. (See Reviews in Press section.)
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The Healing Magic of Music - Book


All the King's Men - Book

The Encyclopedia of Literary Romanticism - Book

Literature and Ethics- From the Green Knight to the Dark Knight - Book

Music and Literary Modernism - Book

Before the Falling Snow

This is the first album released by Bob McParland that is available from CD Baby. Samples from it can be heard on the CD Baby website.
CD Baby

The Season - Christmas CD

The Season, Volumes One and Two are now available for the holidays. Music by Bob McParland and music by Paul Ferraro, Joe Durante, Anthony Liguori...with vocals by Paul Ferraro, Anthony Liguori, Bob McParland, piano from Rave Tesar, percussion from Mike Baron and guest appearances by others. Availbale at CD Baby, or leave a message at and we will get a copy to you.

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This album was produced with Rave Tesar and Paul Ferraro for a Christmas/Hannukah season benefit. 

Mark Twain's Audience - Book

Mark Twain's Audience will be published in September. This is Bob McParland's follow-up book to Charles Dickens's American Audience. It has been 3-4 years in the making.

Pre-Orders on Amazon

Mark Twain's Audience is in production. It will appear in September 2014. The book can be pre-ordered via Amazon or through the publisher, Rowman Littlefield.

Mark Twain's Audience - Book

Mark Twain's Audience is a book about the iconic author's contemporary readers.



Book at Amazon and from Rowman and Littlefield Publishing

Mark Twain's Audience is available from the publisher and from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both hardcover and e-book. 

Citizen Steinbeck - Book

A new book on John Steinbeck will be published in Fall 2016.


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Citizen Steinbeck will be released in October 2016.

Native Sons to King's Men - Book

Science Fiction and Classic Rock - Book

This is the first extended treatment of science fiction in classic rock. McParland published by McFarland. Check it out.

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Bestseller - Book

Bestseller: A Century of America's Favorite Books - Book

Published in December 2018


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Bestseller A Century of America's Favorite Books - Book

Bestseller: A Century of America's Favorite Books is the new book that lets you know all about books. The Bestsellers from1900 through 2018 are all mentioned here, along with highlights of top-selling fiction, profiles of authors, and a cultural history of the United States.


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Bestseller is available at most major online sellers - both in print and in electronic formats.

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