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Bob McParland: News

Story Online in Ishaan Literary Review - December 20, 2011

A short story by Bob McParland appears this month online in the Ishaan Literary Review.

Popular Music Books Published - December 10, 2011


"Yesterday: Narrative, Memory, and The Beatles," by Bob Mcparland appears in Resounding Pasts, ed. Drago Momosilovic, Canmbridge Scholars Publishing. December 2011.

Bruce Springsteen article by Bob McParland appears in in Poetics of American Song Lyrics, ed. Charlotte Pence, University of Mississippi Press. January 2012.


Finding Fogerty: Interdisciplinary Essays on John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival, ed. Thomas Kitts, Lexington Publishing Company.

American Pie - 40th Annivesary Volume, ed. Raymond Schruck, Jr. and Raymond Schruck, Sr., McFarland Publishing Company. - June 1, 2011

Music Review

Spring 2011 Drew Magazine Classnotes - May 26, 2011

"Congratulations to Robert McParland, winner of the Bela Kornitzer Book Award for Charles Dickens's American Audience (Lexington Books, 2010). In the book he examines a national awareness that defined the American identity- its people, society, and culture- from the mid 19th Century to the turn of the 20th Century because of their love for Dickens and his stories. "Choice" cited it as "highly recommended," praising the author for providing "a diligent, thorough treatment of Americans' response to several of Dickens's works." - p.58 Drew Magazine (Spring 2011)

New Book: Bruce Springsteen and the American Soul - April 7, 2011

A new book on Bruce Springsteen has just been published. "Springsteen's American Stories: Devils in Dust and the Seeger Sessions," an essay by Bob McParland, appears in the newly published book Bruce Springsteen and the American Soul: Essays on the Songs and Influence of a Cultural Icon (McFarland, 2010), edited by David Garrett Izzo. The book is filled with reflections on Springsteen's work and impact across the past four decades. It includes insights from Adam Aliano, James Azar, Jonathan Caspi, Lisa Delmonico, Denise D. Green, Lincoln Konkle, April Lindner, Doug Morris, Keith Fudge, David Gellman, Jason W. Faulkner, Herpreet Kaur Grewal, Susan Hamburger, Barry Long, Lorraine Mangione, Marianne Murawski, Katherine Parkin, Alex Pitofsky, Lars A. Rossland, Elizabeth Seymour, Stevan Weine, Susan Woge, and Melanie Henwood. This is one very interesting, diverse collection. Proceeds from the book will benefit the New Jersey Commiunity Food Bank in Hillside, N.J..

New Book: Charles Dickens and his Readers - April 6, 2011

Pickering and Chatto has just published a book on Reading Audiences, including Bob McParland's essay on Charles Dickens's contemporaries and their responses to his work. This is a new essay that develops material beyond the book length study of Charles Dickens's American Audience, which is currently available in more than 170 college and university libraries in the United States. The new book, Reading the Material Text, is edited by Carrie Griffin, Mary O'Connell, and Graham Allen from University College in Cork, Ireland.

Concert in March a Success - March 6, 2011

The energy and enjoyment of an audience always makes an evening special. Thanks to the people who made the birthday concert on March 5 so lively with their singing. Bob McParland performed the show at The Barn, 530 Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey on March 5. The show was preceded by a pot luck dinner.

Kornitzer Award - February 1, 2011

Bob McParland received the Korniter Book Award
on January 29 at Drew University, along with Sharon Sundue.
The book prize is named for journalist and Hungarian emigre Bela Kornitzer,
who interviewed and wrote on major American political figures. The award was
presented by Noemi Neidorff of St. Louis.

Choice Review - January 30, 2011

Robert McParland's Charles Dickens's American Audience
"highly recommended" in a featured review in Choice.

Literature Film Quarterly Review Notes Essay in Pedagogy of Film Adaptation - December 4, 2010

Literature Film Quarterly's review by Dean R. Cooledge (October/December 2010)says of new book on film "this book was definitely worth the wait." "Robert McParland shows how the film versions of Moby Dick and Billy Budd are valuable teaching tools...for class discussion. He uses the films and novel/novella intertextually to discover the essence of Melville's stories and to consider the goals of human beings under pressure."
The book on film adaptation is edited by Dennis Cutchins, Laurence Raw, James M. Welsh and includes an essay by Bob McParland on Huston and Bradbury's film of Melville's Moby Dick and Peter Ustinov's 'Billy Budd."

In Studio With Rave Tesar - December 4, 2010

Bob McParland is in the recording studio developing a new album with recording engineer/producer Rave Tesar.

How to Write About Joseph Conrad Published - December 1, 2010

The book How to Write About Joseph Conrad has been published (December 1). See

Canadian Radio Plays McParland's Cover of Gordon Lightfoot Song - May 6, 2010

The good people at the Sunday Coffeehouse radio program again played Bob McParland's cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind," on April 25, 2010, following two of Gordon Lightfoot's recordings. Also appearing on the April 25 program (#794)were Brooks Williams, Bob Snider, Tim Harrison,and Colin Moore. It is all just a reminder that Canada is full of beauty and is often warmer than you may think.

* Gordon Lightfoot's song is licensed through the Harry Fox Agency for a limited release.

Springsteen Essay to Appear in New Collection - May 6, 2010

A new essay will honor the depth and vitality of Springsteen's voice among us. Charlotte Pence is putting together an extraordinary collection of essays
from some excellent writers. Bob McParland's essay on Springsteen's
lyrics and music will be just one of several essays on the poetics of our finest songwriter-performers. This collection will be well worth waiting for.

Benefit Album Release- "Long Have I Waited" - May 1, 2010

"Long Have I Waited," a benefit album, has been completed, with
musical contributions from Rave Tesar, jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli,
violinist Carol Sharer, vocalist Paul Ferraro, Bob McParland and others.
June 1 is the album release date.

The album includes music from Rave Tesar, Bucky Pizzarelli, Paul Ferraro, Bob McParland, Dave Corselo, Carol Sharer, Francis Gunn, Craig Limey, Nancy Quinn,Jaclyn Klein, Linda Mayurnik, Claudia Hayden, Michael Ward. Cover design by Angelica Ferraro.

Sixty People Make Concert a Celebration - March 9, 2010

The birthday concert on March 6 in New Jersey was attended by about sixty people, who sang along to familiar songs and originals. Bob was given a birthday cake before entetaining with the music for the evening.

Music Articles Available Online - January 8, 2010

You can read "The Music That Came After It All" online at:
You can read the beginning of Music and Literary Modernism
online at:
A four page sample of "Music Copyright" in The Business of Music is now available on google books.
"A Sound Education- Music in the Classroom" in The Pop Culture Zone
is now available on google books.

"Does Music Really Help?"- a study by college students on
music and health cites Bob McParland's article "Music to Their Ears"
and is available at

Music Therapy Essay in Book: "Pain and Memory" - November 30, 2009

In a newly published essay, in the premier issue of a book series by Editions Bibliotekos, Bob McParland recalls making a musical visit to the Greystone Hospital in the 1980's and reflects on the Tragic Voice of Madness.

U2, Nationalism and Internationalism in the Brave New World Presentation in Boston - October 15, 2009

Bob McParland will be discussing U2's music, the '360 tour,in an essay on music, audience response, internationalism and nationalism, at the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture conference in Boston on November 7.

Great Musicians/Greater Causes: Bob Benjamin, Jen Chapin, Joe D'Urso - September 29, 2009

Sending out an encouragement to all to support those among us in need, as autumn comes along. There are lots of hungry people in this tough economy.
Jen Chapin, Joe D'Urso, Bob Benjamin lit up the stage with music and social concern at Monmouth University in New Jersey this past weekend. In this "Harvest Season" soon upon us, please remember your state Food Bank (NJ Community Food Bank here in Hillside, NJ) and World Hunger Year (WHY) and keep reaching out to help people with degenerative diseases like Parkinsons and ALS. It is a gift to have people like Bob, Jen, and Joe speaking out about this.

Springsteen Symposium at Monmouth - September 3, 2009

Bob McParland will be one of 150 people delivering papers on Bruce Springsteen's impact upon American culture at a conference on September 25-27 at Monmouth University. The event, coordinated by Mark Bernhard, includes featured speakers: Dave Marsh, Jen Chapin, Bill Ayres, Bobby Muller, Kathy Di Chiara of the N.J. Community Food Bank, Joe Grushecky, E-Street band members Danny Federici and Vini Lopez, songwriter/musician Joe D'Urso and dozens of very interesting people from all walks of life. In the future, Bob McParland's essay on Springteen's American Stories will be included in a book edited by the talented writer David Izzo.

Poem: "Inside and Under" - August 30, 2009

A poem by Bob McParland appears in the recent edition of Thirty First Bird Review. You can read this edition online.

New Recording for Benefit - August 2, 2009

This month Bob McParland joins vocalist Paul Ferraro, violinist Carol Sharer,
keyboardist/arranger Rave Tesar, guitar/vocalist Francis Gunn,piano/vocalist Nancy Quinn and vocalist Pat Ciaverella on a recording project to benefit
an organization that funds and supports vocations. Bob is interpreting Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria" on guitar for this project, playing on a John Michael Talbot song, and contributing his own song "Jesus is the Vine."

Mid-Atlantic Almanack Review Article on Music in the Post 9/11 World - June 20, 2009

"The Music That Came After It All", Bob McParland's review article on Music in the Post 9/11 World, edited by Jonathan Ritter and J. Martin Daughtry is now online at

Music Books Available in Libraries - June 20, 2009

Music and Literary Modernism, ed. Robert McParland and Music-The Speech of Angels by Robert McParland are now available in the following university libraries:

Music and Literary Modernism is in the University of Minnesota's R. Wilson Library, the University of British Columbia Library, and in Munich, Germany.

Music- The Speech of Angels (Dedicated to Andrew De Grado, pianist) is available at Andrew's alma mater, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, at the Stanford University Music Library and in the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.
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