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Bob McParland: Home

Welcome to Bob McParland's homepage. Bob is a singer-songwriter, a playwright, and a writer of fiction, who performs music for people of all ages. He is a professor of literature and writer on a wide range of topics in music, literature, and history.

Re-Scheduled Concert Will Be August 4 - March 12, 2018

Bob McParland and Mike Baron will perform their re-scheduled concert at the Barn on August 4. A fallen power line darkened the venue on March 4 and cancelled the concert.

Concert March 3 - February 25, 2018

Bob McParland's birthday concert will be on Saturday, March 3. 8:00 P.M..

CS/The Barn, 530 Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey with potluck dinner 7 P.M. preceding concert.



Myth and Magic in Heavy Metal Music to Be Published May 20 - January 13, 2018

Myth and Magic in Heavy Metal Music will be published in May 2018. Bob provides a literary and musicological approach to this widely popular rock music genre that is closely connected with myth. Bob McParland's own music is not heavy metal but he has a lot to say about the mythical and psychological roots of the heavy metal genre.  

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